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It’s our home until we hand you the keys.


With unlimited funds, anyone can build an impressive-looking structure. The art is being able to produce one on a realistic budget. Without sacrificing quality, we explore practical options with unequalled value engineering and cost-effective alternatives.


We’ll admit that every member of the J. A. Hand Construction team is a control freak. Here is one time you’re going to need one. We look out for your interests, not ours. We approach every task with a common goal: perfection. As your partner and advocate, we do whatever it takes to provide results that are beyond compare.


The architect knows the design. The plumber knows the piping. The electrician knows the wiring. Yet none of them knows how they interact. We do. We understand every aspect of the building process. You can be asurred we’ll move your project in the right direction, keeping you informed — and involved — at all times.


We’re fast on our feet, nimble, adaptable, and can quickly change direction. The end result? Effortless customization. And a smooth, transparent process that invites your input.


If you’re remodeling your home rather than building a new one, be assured we will take great, and respectful, care to minimize the impact on your daily life and routine.

It's A Partnership, Not an Ordeal

We believe in being fully transparent with our customers. This helps to avoid surprises for you and us. That's why the following is the process of working with us:

  • Intake Interview
  • Project Discovery
  • Working Set of Drawings
  • Materials Specifications
  • Budget
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Timeline
  • Daily Contact
  • Weekly Updates